While the issue of rape plagues society, there are some who looked to curious contraptions for solutions. These anti-rape inventions while they seem to be effective are quite, let's say, out of the box.

10. Anti-Molestation Jacket

An indian invention from the National institute of fashion technology students Nishant Priya and Shshzad Ahmadat, the jacket dishcarges 110 volts of electricity using a mechanism similar to a stun gun and is button activated.




9. Anti -Rape Bra

Created by Manisha Mohan, Rimpi Tripathi and Neeladri Basu Pal, students of the SRM University in Chennai, this indian invention is technically a electrically charged lingerie that is designed to deliver an electric shock to assailants.

This device takes advantage of research that shows that potential aggressors first reach for the womans breasts, and the device sends a strong shock to the aggressor.

The device is also equipped with a GSM transmission and a GPS to alert police and family.

Anti-rape Bra


8. Femdefence Tampon

Designed by the swedish Anita Inmarsdotter is a protective tampon with a sharp pin that mortally wounds the assailiants penis on penetration. The tampon is carefully designed, so as to not harm the wearer in the process.

Fem Defence

7. Kiler Tampon

Designed by Jaap Haumann of South Africa, the killer tampon is similar to the Femdefence except it incorporates a guilotine blade that could potentially mortally wound an assailant who forces him into a woman.

Killer Tampon


6. Angel Wing Anti-Rape Device

This inconscpicuous looking device looks like a simple keychain but is capable of emanating a 90 decibel alarm which will alert passersby. With a campaign to educate people to the alarm sound, and designs that can incorporated into almost any device, this device is probably the simplest safety device a woman can invest in.

Angel Wing

5. Rape-Axe Condom

The rape axe condom is a silicone device that is worn inside the vagina. The inside of the condom contains sharp jagged teeth like protrusions angled away from the vagina. This is not a device that simply wounds or deters the attacker, but leaves him in mortal pain and anguish, requiring him to rush to the nearest hospital to save his life. The mandatory visit to the doctor required to recover from the experience allows rapists to be identified and bought to justice.


4. Hairy Stockings

This famous chinese invention is designed the stop the problem even before it stops, by detering the attacker on aesthetic grounds alone. It was later found that this was simply a picture that went viral, and not an actual product, although it wouldnt be surprising if someone actually does make good on the idea.

3. Anti-Rape Buckle

An effective and inconspicuous solution to the problem that buys the victim some time to reach for her purse/phone etc - This devices confounds the attacker and puts him in a position where both his hands are needed on the belt, and will still take him a good 15 seconds in order to get the belt off. This is done by incorporating a labyrinth into the belt, that has to be navigated in order to remove the buckle. The leverage and time gained can allow the victim to turn the tables on her attacker or reach for her phone or pepper spray.


The following Ira Sherman inventions take the concept of body armour that identifies the attacker the next level.

Ira shermans inventions are meant to be impenetrable devices that give women a sense of physical safety while also permanently scarring or leaving the attacker with a mark, enough for the attackers to identify him.

2. The Snare

The snare is a simple impenetrable device that is designed to be a belt that loops around the groin. When an attacker tries to penetrate the wearer, the device ensnares his penis and mangles it, requiring medical attention, and allowing the doctor to identify him as a sexual predator.


1. The Injector

The injector is a more complicated impenetrable device that has two pneaumatic syringes. An unsuspecting attacker is not only unable to penetrate his victim but is also left with a permanent tattoo on his penis to identify him as such.


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